Advantages of using second hand robots Robots Gallery offers the most adjust price, availability, counselling and financing.

The integration of second hand industrial robots gives multiple advantages in the productive processes which offers a better competitively for the enterprises. Among them, more security and precision on the repetitive and critical operations, an increase of productivity, a lower cost of production and the improvement of the working quality that is made by the humans. That is why along the world is being developed the application of the industrial robotic and is being incorporated in all kind of organizations and sectors, because they are useful for a huge variety of tasks such as palletising, packaging, welding and stock manipulation.

Preowned industrial robots have specific advantages that make them suitable for small businesses, which need to automate their process with low cost or in different steps. It is suitable as well for enterprises that need those used robots in reduced terms to open new production strategies or implement new processes. This are the advantages of the Robots Gallery┬┤s products:

The price The second hand robots offer all the automation advantages with more economic prices than brand new robots. For this reason, Robots Gallery has become in a specialist in the acquisition of those products as well as experts in negotiations that makes them offer competitive prices.

Minimum terms of delivery In the current market situation, the most of robot makers do not have enough stock. As a result, the terms to acquire brand new robots take months. Nevertheless, Robots Gallery offer an immediate response of some robots models, which have ready to sell, and they can prepare any robot in stock in 2 or 3 weeks. Only if it is needed to acquire, or search, for a specific model it may take 4 or 6 weeks.

A broad range of models and brands In Robots Gallery it is easy to find a huge variety of brands and broad range of second hand industrial robots, specially the common ones. Our team knows this sector and we have lots of contacts and partners. For this reason, it is easy to detect the batches in the market and access to every kind of second hand industrial robots.

Availability of spare parts There is the possibility of providing spare parts for damaged items meanwhile the robot is still working until the reparation is finished. For this service external partners are used.

Access to financing Through our partnership with a financing company the clients of Robots Gallery can have access to the money to acquire used robots, which is an advantage for those start-up businesses or the ones who need funding.

Reliability and guarantee Robots Gallery has warehouses in Madrid and Bilbao where clients can see the robot in use before buying it. Several videos of the robot working are provided as well.
A guarantee in all the items for 6 months is provided.

In the sale of used industrial robots, Robots Gallery has the vocation of service; the customer is guided in the selection of the product and they are helped when the solutions are needed putting them in contact with specialized partners.