The 40% of the industrial robots are destined for the exportation

The majority of Robots Gallery´s industrial robots are destined for the exportation, especially for businesses oriented to the automotive sector, which wanted to improve their automotive processes with a low cost or have immediate availability.

In the industrial second hand robots international market, Robots Gallery´s products are well known, especially in India and Sweden. In those countries are being sold respectively 11% and 6% of all industrial robots that are being export. That represents 40% of the sales.

The other 60% of our preowned robots are destined to Spanish market, in areas with a huge industrial concentration such as, Madrid, Barcelona and the Basque Country. Robots Gallery´s clients are industrial enterprises of diverse sectors. For this reason, second hand robots are used on palletising, packaging, welding and parts manipulation.

The key of Robots Gallery´s success is the customer service, which is an added value. As a result, this company has recurring clients; when in 40% of the cases buy another used robot from us. The pre sales service is backed by the high specialisation of the professionals that attend it. Another good point is that is it possible to see the robot being used before acquiring it, in our industrial warehouses in Madrid and Bilbao, in order to check the characteristics of the robots and know how it can be used; which gives the highest reliability and guaranty when the acquisition is being done. At every moment the client is being advised in order to choose the best product that adjusted to their necessities, it is also offered maintenance and reparation services. According to José Gay, manager of Robots Gallery "To buy a second hand industrial robot it is important to choose a trustworthy company"

When buying an used robot it is important to consider all the technical characteristics, like arm reach, payload and application, as well as the integration with the rest of the equipment in order to have and standard maintenance or the same brand of other robots that are possessed.

"It is a big mistake to buy a robot just looking the price; it is important to consider that the application of the robot require an inversion, for technological motives as well as security ones" Robots Gallery's manager says.